About the shelf extender

Portal shelving system is very flexible and can be combined in many ways. The longest shelf is 201 cm. The length of the shelf determines the total width of your shelf. If you want a shelf wider than 201 cm, extend the shelf with a shelf extender. Then two shelves will share one gable.

There are two scenarios

Our shelves run from the outer edge to the outer edge of the shelf end. When two shelves share a gable, we either need to move the shelf ladder out or let the shelf protrude. The two shelves rest the shelf extension and are screwed to the shelves from below. The shelf extender should always be centered on a shelf ladder.

You can either slightly shift the end of the shelf as in scenario 1 or the shelves will protrude 1 cm on each side as in scenario 2.

Scenario 1:

Shelf with parallell shelves in the same width.
Example 158 cm + 80 cm shelves.

If you have the same width on your shelves throughout the shelving system you shelf will not be affected when using the shelf extender. Your shelf will be 2 cm wider since two shelves are sharing one ladder. Keep in mind that this will also affects the space for the cabinets and drawers.

Scenario 2:

Shelf with mixed shelves  / different widths on the shelves.
Example 158 cm + 80 cm shelves.

Since we do not have shelves resting on all levels of the shelf ladder, we need to maintain the distance of 80 cm and 45 cm between the shelf ladders. If we would move the shelf ladders, the distance would be too long and the short shelves would fall down. Therefore, the shelves with the shelf extender will protrude 1 cm on each side.

Please contact us if you have any questions. You can reach us at [email protected], 08-39 65 10, through our chat or in our showroom.


Your home, your Portal

Adapt the Portal shelf to your home. Fill in desired width, height and color in our Portal planner. We’ll get back to you with a sketch and price.

When you are satisfied, we’ll send you a shopping cart with all parts for your shelf ready to be ordered. The service is free of charge, of course!

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