The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation. Here we have gathered inspiration for a calm and restful home.

Pia Ulin bedroom with small drawer as a bedside table.

Shelves for the bedroom

  • Ida's second shelf

    Ida’s second shelf

  • Ava's shelf

    Ava’s shelf

  • Portal Pinewood shelf in Katarina Matsson home styled with books, bookends and thrift finds.

    Katarina’s first shelf

  • Babbe's shelf

    Babbe’s shelf


Small drawer

Our small drawer is perfect as a wall-mounted bedside table. In the drawers, you can store your earplugs and other nighttime accessories.

Available in the colors white and off-white.

Small drawer in Off-white in Pia Ulin's home as a bedside table.

Accessories for the bedroom

  • Product on sale


  • Product on sale
    Mirror Pang square

    Mirror Pang square

  • Product on sale
    Pile Low x 2 – Evelina Kroon

    Pile Low x 2 – Evelina Kroon

  • Drawer small x 3

    Drawer small x 3

  • Drawer cabinet small

    Drawer cabinet small

  • Product on sale
    Parad Wall shelf

    Parad Wall shelf

  • Product on sale
    Mirror Pang tall

    Mirror Pang tall

  • Drawer large x 3

    Drawer large x 3


Katarina Matsson

Katarina Matsson @ettrumtill about travelling to New York with kids, the love for her neighbourhood in Hökarängen, books and things that spark joy.

Portrait of Katarina Matsson in her kitchen.

We help you plan your Portal shelf

Adapt the Portal shelf to your home. Fill in desired width, height and color in our Portal planner. We’ll get back to you with a sketch and price.

When you are satisfied, we’ll send you a shopping cart with all parts for your shelf ready to be ordered. The service is free of charge, of course!

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