How do I treat my pinewood shelves?

Our pinewood shelves are delivered completely untreated. Considering that pinewood is a natural material that moves, curves, darkens over time and fades when objects are placed on it, we recommend that you treat your shelf in some way if you want it to remain unchanged. Though many of our customers still choose to leave their pinewood shelves untreated to get the raw surface.

If you want to treat your shelves, we sell Osmo colored wax and Osmo Hardwax-oil in our webbshop. We’ve used Osmo for a long time and like it a lot. Our most selling Osmo-treatment is the colored wax in White 3111. It takes the edge off the yellow of the pinewood and the finnish is bright and nice with an almost untreated look. All Osmo’s products can be found here.

Another option is to use linseed oil. Remember to always treat both sides of the shelf. Otherwise, the pores will be closed on one side and left open on the other and the shelf will bend.

Read more about the material and how to care for it here.