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Lotta Halfwordson

We visit my sister Lotta, who just moved to a newly built green wooden house on Älgö outside of Stockholm with her family. 

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Hi Lotta!

Who lives here?

Me and Christer and our two kids Curt, 2 years old and Petronella, six months.

Tell us about your house.

The house was built in 2018 and the architect behind it is Christer’s dad. We were going to tar the house black, but at the end we decided to tar it green. I think we are the first green tarred house in Sweden. While building it we lived in the summer cabin that was placed on the site when we bought it. The cabin is still here but we hope we can build a greenhouse from mums company Sweden greenhouse there.

If someone asks how it was to build a house we can tell them that it was a lot of fun. And a pain in the ass, of course. We had a son while building it, and one and a half years later, just as we moved in, our daughter was born.

Tell us about your shelf

I had a Portal shelf when I lived in town (Stockholm), but then I had no kids. I then had glass shelves, no TV and a lot a things in the shelf. When we moved here we mounted the shelf and added more shelf ladders, more pinewood shelves and a cabinet. Christer got a 55 inch TV for Christmas that is also living in the shelf. Such a savior, now we can watch Pippi Långstrump all day long.

Whats your best tips for having a shelf with kids?

Place the plants high up.

Add so much books that the kids can’t get them out. Sometimes I think that we should put a string through them all.

Hide your most precious things in the cabinet.

What do you like about your shelf?

I am really happy that we have the same material though out the shelf. In my previour apartment I had both glass, white shelves and pinewood. Eventhough it is the same shelf it looks completely different from them. We have chosen not to paint or treat the pinewood shelves. They darken so nicely in the sun. But someday we will maybe paint them i a nice color.

Thank you for having us Lotta!


Blog / In my shelf / Lotta Halfwordson

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