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Cecilia Blankens

Cecilia Blankens, entrepreneur and influencer. We meet Cecilia in her stunning house and talk about how to find your own style, the meaning of things and of course about the shelf Portal.

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Hi Cecilia!

Cecilia lives in a carefully renovated brick house with her husband and three kids. They really found the balance between keeping the house’s 60s soul and adding their own style and filling their needs. It feels so natural. Two years ago they left the US to move back to Sweden. How does it affect the styling?

If you follow Cecilia on instagram you know about her flawless and eclectic sense of style when it comes to clothing. 

Have you always had this natural feeling for style?

I was a lot more anxious when it came to clothing and interior before, but it changed completely when we moved to LA. I used to dilly a lot before, thinking about what other people did and what other people had. In Los Angeles where we moved, there were so much less “rules” about how things should be. It is such a mix of people and cultures. I find it really liberating to find your style and just stick to it. 

What is important for you when it comes to interior?

I like things that have a great value for me. When things have a story to tell, whether it is about the brand or if it’s vintage. For me it is a great value that your company made this product, it makes all the difference. It wouldn’t be the same if it was produced by a large company. Also thinking about Svenskt tenn. It really adds value to know about the love and engagement behind a product.

Cecilia’s Portal shelf is placed just outside her office. From the beginning it was in the office but after the ventilation was renovated the shelf didn’t fit behind the desk. But now Cecilia describes how the shelf is a nice eye-catcher from the hallway on the second floor. 


What do you like about the Portal shelf?

I love that it is so flexible. We’ve already moved it and changed. And I like that it is so airy, the shelf and our wallpaper merge in a nice way. 

What’s in your shelf?

Right now I keep shoes from my company Blankens, plants and a lamp we bought in USA in it, but it varies!

Thank you for having us Cecilia!

View from Cecilia Blankens hallway over the Portal shelf in off-white from TÔNN furniture.
Portrait of Cecilia Blankens in her home.

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Blog / Journal / Cecilia Blankens

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