Portrait of Emilia Ilke infront of her Portal shelves from TÔNN.
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In my shelf

Emilia Ilke

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To say that she doesn’t lay on the lazy side is an understatement. During two parental leaves, artist Emilia Ilke has collaborated with several companies where her typical “Emilia Ilke style” has decorated everything from carpets to jewelry. And that’s only one side of her artistry.

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 In March, Emilia exhibited at Gallery Anna H in Gothenburg together with the ceramicist Malwina Kleparska. In May, her first children’s book “Räkna med Havet (Count on the sea) will be released. And later this year we can see Emilia’s rug at Liljevalchs Gallery in Stockholm as part of their “spring salon” group exhibition. 

We met up with Emilia in her studio in Liljeholmen, Stockholm. The studio is located in a large house with a demolition contract. But Emilia takes that with ease.

– It has been like this for about 10 years. Maybe we can be here for another 10 years, nobody knows. Therefore, it has never felt worthwhile to invest in getting ready, so it works even though it would be much needed with some renovations. Now there are two Portal shelves in the new color camel from TÔNN furniture (previously Betonggruvan) on each side of the studio’s door, filled with art and materials. 

Who’s working here in the house?

– There are all kinds of creatives, from fashion designers to photographers, publishers and architects. Sometimes we do things together like Christmas markets, flea markets or release parties. I think there was a 10-year anniversary party held last year but I probably gave birth to a child or something like that then.

Mandatory question for creatives: Where do you get your inspiration?

My bucket list has become my inspiration. It drives me forward and makes me look for new inspiration and new goals.

What do you like about the Portal shelf?

That the shelf contains both hidden and open storage so that I can choose what I show and hide. And I also like that the design is straightforward and simple and lets the gadgets take over, very easy to place in the room too.


What do you keep on your shelf?

The shelf is in my studio and I keep as much art-related stuff as I need when I create. Brushes, color tubes, paper, tablecloths, pencils, charcoal, sketches, to do lists, business cards etc. But also some candles, sculptures and gadgets I like.

How often are you here?

During this past year, I have mostly worked from home due to covid and I have also been on parental leave. But the children are usually here in the studio, we have a routine we always do. We eat pie for lunch, read a special book (the only children’s book on the community bookshelf), glue pieces of wood together and go crazy with sticky tape.

Tell us about the “spring salon” at Liljevalchs Gallery in Stockholm?

The spring salon at Liljevalchs’ is a super-democratic exhibition where everyone over the age of 18 can apply. This is my second year. The first year Liljevalchs’ rebuilt so it was held in a dull temporary space. This year it’s still unclear if it will take place at all due to the pandemic.  

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is that it doesn’t feel like a job. Sorry for the cheesy line but it’s a lifestyle that I hope and believe will last for life and nothing I will ever retire from. Then there can be a lot of stress and creative anxiety and feelings of incompetence so it is not painless. But I feel free and I work with my passion so that is the absolute best.


Emilia has chosen shelves and shelf ladders in our new color Camel and matched them with drawers in off-white.


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Blog / Journal / Emilia Ilke

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