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Thrive at home

Mimmi Staaf

About the love for a carpet, taco dinners and a good way to vaccum clean.

Mimmi and I got to know each other through Instagram and since then she’s one of my best friends. We talk every day about life, interior and the pros and cons with entrepreneurship. Mimmi is, just like her shop both cute and cool. We can talk more about that, but here she is — Mimmi Star (I call her that ever since a Japanese magazine gave her the epithet. 

Hi Mimmi! What’s your favourite thing in your home?

When it comes to home interior I think it’s our livingroom carpet. Colour Carpet from HAY, a really thick wool carpet with color blocks. I think, that was our very first furniture investment. I was totally crazy about the carpet, back in the days I would never spend so much money on a carpet. But we really wanted this carpet and saved money for it. It was then, and still is, worth it. 

It really binds the living room together. It makes you move in another way around the couch, and I sit as much on the carpet as in the couch. In the beginning I was so scared to spill on it, but now we’ve had it for four years and we basically eat every meal on it, hehe. It still looks nice!

When do you feel your very best at home?

When it is freshly cleaned and with great company. (My boyfriend, our families, our cat or friends) some candles and something nice to eat. This time of the year (November) I really long for the Fredagsmys. Me and my boyfriend use to have a cleaning and cooking race when we come home from work, then light some candles, eat good food (I want tacos almost every week haha), have one couch each and eat some good snacks. Really svenne-bananer. Haha. 

What do you want to recommend?

  • Textiles can really make a room cosy. 
  • Let the candles flow in the wintertime
  • Finish up the small projects in your home. It is so satisfying when it is done! And afterwards you wonder how it could take two years to nail up that thing. 
  • Crumble some lavender (you can also take other things, like vanilla) on the floor before vacuum cleaning. It smells SO good and  is all natural. I also pick some every summer to dry and have in my clothing cabinet. Beside smelling good it keeps the pests away.