Shelf extender


Extend your shelves with TÔNNs shelf extender. With this gadget you can easily joint two shelves to get longer sections or combine shelves.

Keep in mind that when you join two shelves using the shelf extender, they will protrude 1 cm on each side of the shelving system.


The shelf extension is screwed from below into the two shelves that are to be joined. Use the four screws provided. Note that you can join shelves in mdf and pine, not glass.

The shelf extension is made of powder-coated steel and is 30 x 6 cm

The shelf extension is available in the same colors as the ends: white, off-white and camel.



When joining the shelves with the help of a shelf extension, it is important that the shelf extension rests centered on a gable.

Portal Shelving system

Your home, your Portal

Adapt the Portal shelf to your home. Fill in desired width, height and color in our Portal planner. We’ll get back to you with a sketch and price.

When you are satisfied, we’ll send you a shopping cart with all parts for your shelf ready to be ordered. The service is free of charge, of course!

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