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Elin Jensdotter Hont

Stockholm based vintage shop owner and stylist Elin Jensdotter Hont.

Elin who just turned 40 (Hurray!) lives with her husband Patrik and Bruno the dog in a rental apartment on Kungsholmen, Stockholm and in a little cottage in the woods in Västergötland. Her instagram @longingforlennon is filled with sustainable interior. She and Patrik also runs the concept store @swedish.nature.collaborations that combines vintage, craft, design and art under the same roof.

What is your favourite item in your home and why is it so?

My favorite is our couch. It’s a 1970s pinewood sofa with really dirty white canvas cushions. I love the design, the fact that it’s huge and can also serve as a bed for night guests. And that we can tell our guests that damage is all ready done so feel free… haha…

How did it become yours?

A woman who have had it on her porch sold it to us via Blocket. She had two of them and I regret that we didn’t buy both…I’ve been trying to find her phone number whiteout any luck… We had to hire three men to help us get it into our apartment, it’s so very heavy!

Some day we will have a upholsterer give it some new, clean clothes.

When do you feel your very best at home?

I just love having family and friends over, having dinner, drinks and night long talks. I feel especially happy when I can tell that they are comfortable, when they feel free to go take a nap, get something to drink and or bring a friend without asking first. That makes my heart jump!

What do you want to recommend?

I really recommend everyone to go out and hug a tree. For real. Spend some time and nature, it releases stress and give your immune-system a boost.

And also, spend more time talking positively about things and other people. (Try a day without talking negatively about situations or people at all) Both are real life hacks in feeling better in general.

Photo: Mari Strenghielm


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