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Lina Andersson

Malmö based art director and founder of Lite Kalabalik.

Lina Andersson is a colorful art director and creative living in Malmö with her family. Lina works in an agency and is also the owner and designer of accessories brand Lite Kalabalik. Let’s hear her thoughts about her home.

What is your favourite item in your home and why is it so?

Our cabinet in the kitchen. We have all the necessary stuff for the kitchen in it. And it´s perfect for decoration and stilleben on top of. Easy to change after season and mood. Me and my boyfriend bought it for 300 SEK at ”Sopcentralen” (like a permanent flea market) when I was pregnant in ninth month. And we had to paint it like ten times befor we (I…) was satisfied.

When do you feel your very best at home?

A friday night with potato chips, happy mini and take away food.

What do you want to recommend?

Buy old stuff and re-paint! And I think a happy home is the home you are happy in. Not the home you decorate with expensive design.



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