Catarina Skoglund

Catarina Skoglund

What is your favorite thing in the house?
I had to think for a good while, but I never get tired of our chesterfield sofa. We bought it from our neighbors, who were moving to Asia, several years ago. Since then, it has had a prominent place in both our old and new home. I don't know how many times the whole family has squeezed onto this sofa for movie nights and cozy evenings. I love the timeless design and how it gets more beautiful with age.

When do you feel most at home?
I like it when it's freshly cleaned and tidied up and can spend a whole day just being at home and tinkering around... picking some flowers or branches from the garden, moving things around, or rearranging furniture. I love just being at home for a whole day, especially on Fridays. We rarely schedule anything else on Friday evenings; they are sacred here at home. We almost always have finger food, good cheeses, wine for the adults, and ice cream for the kids. Then I need to have my interests like books and records around me to feel comfortable. It took way too long to put up bookshelves in our new house, and it felt so dull and bare without them.

What do you want to recommend?
Let your home take time, that's what I've learned after living in two renovation projects. Don't jump on an interior trend too quickly, but feel out what you like and what makes you comfortable. Not everyone enjoys muted dark wall colors.

Buy furniture second hand and search on eBay for Moroccan rugs. Keep your kitchen sink area neat and tidy and place a vase with flowers there. It makes a big difference in the kitchen's impression. I long dreamed of being able to do dishes with a view by a window, but since it wasn't possible, I put up a mirror above the sink instead. A good substitute for a window.

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