Frida Lund

Frida Lund

Where are we?

– In Bagarmossen, south of Stockholm, where I live with my husband Anders and my children Florens, 4, and Donna, 1. It was a three bedroom apartment, that we turned into a two bedroom apartment and now we’ve turned it back into a four bedroom place, but with a new layout. I run the food studio Mat & vin-labbet, I do a podcast, run my blog and work with Instagram. In March, my latest cookbook Den bästa veckan (Mondial) will be released, a bright book about everything I love, times hundred. I’m also launching a new company, but it’s still a secret.

How did the Portal shelf end up here?

– The more children we had, the more stuff everywhere. It”s like we’re dog paddling to survive! Our apartment has extremely little storage, and we also removed our pantry to put in a wine cooler – it’s a matter of prioritizing… My husband is pedant, so he’s the one who found TÔNN. He’s also the one interested in interior design, and really good at it. I just say ”yes” or ”no”. The Portal shelf is very stylish in it’s simplicity and I love that you can get it custom made. Anders designed ours.

What do you have in the shelf?

– My ambition is that you can put whatever you want here, it can be messy. Lego next to a nice vase … The ceramic bowl is by Fanny Schultz and there are some of Anders’ plant experiments. I have a lot of cookbooks, there’s something comforting about them. But I never cook after a recipe. I don’t know if it’s because of my ADHD, but I have to read it a thousand times. I prefer to get inspired and go with a feeling. 

Anything that means a little extra for you?

– The lamp at the top is from my aunt. When she passed away, that was really the only thing I wanted to keep as a memory. The art work next to it is by Gustav Broström. The Lisa Larson figure used to belong to my grandmother. The magpie was drawn by my best friend Bobbe. My grandma always said she’d become a magpie when she died, so Bobbe drew a magpie that is my grandma, but it is also me, because it surfs.

What do you have in the drawers?

– My wet dream is to have chaos drawers, I love it. Since I live with a petimeter, there’s not so much visible chaos in our house. I put everything in the drawers. Wrapping paper, candles, tablecloths, all the stuff that I don’t know what to do with and think ”I’ll put this in a smart place”. So I do, and I forget about it, and I never find it again.

What is most important when you decorate?

– The most important thing for me is color. I don’t like everything to be white or beige. Which is why I really liked the colored bookends. But really, I’m more into emotions. I want people to come into my house and feel like they can make a sandwich in the kitchen. That they can put their feet on the couch. There’s nothing posh or stiff about our house, the feeling should be cozy and fun. 

Finally, any shelf stying tricks?

– I think you should decorate with big dick confidence. If you think it’s nice, it is nice. It’s like an outfit; If you feel cute, you are cute.

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