Jenny Jernström

Jenny Jernström

What is your favorite thing in the home?
Oh, that's tough, but after going back and forth between a teapot and a lamp that I'm attached to, it still ends up being a shelving system, maybe because we recently had to take it down and childproof it. It's a well-used shelving system by Olle Pira from the 1950s with shelves in various depths and lengths that organized the entire living room and made room for everything, and even provided a small extra desk space.

When do you feel most at home?
When it's clean, tidied up, and we take the time to cook for a long time and preferably spend a whole evening in the kitchen.

I've always felt most at home in the kitchen no matter where I've lived, and it's not about a passion for cooking but rather because it's the room where I find the most peace, sitting and writing and sketching. Unfortunately, Niclas doesn't like the kitchen at all, but in the apartment we live in now, he has finally found his place, haha.

What do you want to recommend?
- Rearranging and daring to turn your home upside down. Sometimes it may not have been a wrong purchase but just the wrong place. Forgetting about the original idea and what something once cost and creating a bit of distance makes it easier to see new solutions.

- Lamps, many lamps, and buying a dimmer with a plug for power outlets so that you can go from bright to soft and atmospheric lighting without having to chase the exact right light bulb.

- Drapes in front of the front door give the most boring of halls a chance to also become a room.

- If you think the painting is probably hung a bit too high or the sofa looks a bit cramped, it probably is. Dare to trust your instincts.

- Treat yourself to everyday life! Replace old colanders and plastic bowls and boring kitchen utensils that aren't fun to use. Buy new or second hand and think that they should last a lifetime. Much was better before! 🙂

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