Mikael Lundblad

Mikael Lundblad

Who lives here?

– Mikael Lundblad, photographer and filmmaker, father of two and married to Sara. I’m a trained micropaleontologist who changed my course 15 years ago. I had started my doctorate, but my professor was not very supportive. I ended up at the Swedish Museum of Natural History where I started photographing their fossil collections. From there I became a photographer.


Where are we?

– We’re in Skarpnäck, Stockholm, in the home office me and my wife set up when we, just like so many others, started working from home two years ago. We turned the old kids corner in the kitchen, where we could keep track of the children when they were younger, into a work space. Josefine’s shelf fit perfectly, we could adapt it to the measurements and get enough storage.

Tell us more about the shelf!

– It’s perfectly adapted to our needs with two workplaces, storage and open shelves. Functionality is important to both of us, but I’m the one who decorates. If you’re aesthetically inclined and a creative person, you want to surround yourself with nice things for inspiration


What do you have in the shelf?

– Above all, practical things. I’ve started shooting analog again, so there’s an analog camera and film. Books that inspire me. Ceramics by Mia Göransson. I have a paper fetish and love paper with different structures, so I save everything from business cards to handwritten thank you notes. Ugly things like cables and batteries are hidden in the cupboards. There’s a pair of boxing gloves since I’ve picked up boxing after 20 years. The skateboard is a memory from a previous life. I skated when I was younger and a few years ago me and Em Fexeus were in Copenhagen to collect material for a book that was never published. We interviewed a couple of designers who had collaborated with Soulland and we both got a skateboard.

As an in-house photographer for Tônn, you’ve seen many shelves – your best tips?

– I’ve met many intriguing people; only interesting personalities have Tônn shelves! It’s amazing how people use the shelf, it’s so flexible. You can really put it in every room, especially with the new clothing rail. People use it with great imagination. And as an old DJ, I love the fact that vinyl records fit perfectly.

Do you have any styling tips?

– It’s difficult to put into words, the exact formula is found somewhere in the unconscious. I’ve been inspired by all the fantastic stylists I ’ve worked with over the years. One tip is to take up space: Place a well-chosen thing, such as a ceramic sculpture, alone on a shelf. It’s quite an expensive space, and it’s easy to feel that you should fill it with more important stuff but put it there for your own well-being. When you sit and work, you can look up and get a sense of calm. It’s about air versus stuff. And group things. Something horizontal, things in different heights and shapes – triangles, cylinders, circles and squares.

Is the home office here to stay?

– Definitely! In one form or another, I think most people will work a lot more at home. The home office must of course be practical, ergonomic and functional. But don’t forget the eye catchers that brings calm and inspiration. There must be some wonder! This also applies to workplaces. Now when companies want to attract people back to the office, they probably have to invest in other values ​​than good Wi-Fi.

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