Nya detaljer för en klassisk bokhylla

New details for a classic bookshelf

13 years ago, in my first store on Sveavägen in Stockholm, the Portal shelf was born. The shelf was white, the walls white and the joinery grey. Now that we were facing a repaint of our showroom, the color samples from Alcro turned out to be the same as 13 years ago. The portal shelf remains white. Everything will come again. Circles close.

A lot happened during these years. The Portal shelf has received many new accessories and functions for all rooms in the home. Everything has been added, from a shelf with a desk, a shelf for vinyl records, wardrobe shelves and clothes storage to smaller wall shelves and accessories. But the core product remains the same. What really makes the Portal shelf unique is what you fill it with. It follows through moves and rearrangements, through trends and cravings, but also when the need for storage changes. The portal shelf is what you do with it, and without our customers, TÔNN furniture and our community would never be the same.

To capture the changing nature of the Portal shelf, we asked Clara Dayet to style and Fanny Rådvik to photograph. The result was magnificently messy and exactly how we want the Portal Shelf to be used. The pictures show the shelf's flexibility and how it can be adapted to different lifestyles and needs.

We are pleased to present a new collection of bookends in two new colors: sky blue and chocolate brown. These new additions, along with a tray and a mirror, create a nice contrast to the original white color of the Portal shelf. We love changing the shelf with new color schemes and details.

The portal shelf continues to be a central part of our customers' homes. We look forward to continuing to develop the Portal shelf and its accessories for all rooms in the home-

Explore our new collection and find the details that will make your Portal shelf even more personal and unique. Together with our customers, we create the storage and interior design of the future.


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