Saskia Cort

Saskia Cort

Who lives here?

– It depends on which day you ask … Today I’m trying to figure out who I am. I work as an influencer in the lifestyle field, with amazing products in different categories, mostly concerning colors and shapes. I’m trying to hack life, in a way. But I want a real job too. TV or radio production – something like that!


Where are we?

– We are in Årsta, Stockholm, in my apartment that I’ve had for ten years. It’s a functionalist apartment with many doors and weird corners, which are very difficult to decorate. In my hallway I have no less than six doors!


Tell us about your Portal shelf!

– When it comes to décor I like a lot of color and naivety. To make the look less childish I wanted a piece that felt adult, classic, and nice. Something big that could balance out the naivety and store beautiful, fun stuff.


Why did you choose this design?

– Because it covers the entire wall. It frames the room and sets the tone. It’s a statement piece in the form of interior design. And I wanted something that compliments the yellow walls, without breaking off too much. I think the camel color looks good with many other colors.

 What do you have in your shelf?

–  One might say that you’ll find my interior jewelry there, my most precious things. I have art and books with nice pictures. I have vases. I like to see my shoes; it makes me want to dress up. The plants and flowers are there to fill it up, I don’t want it to feel empty. The vibe I strive for is cozy and artistic. I kind of want it to be a bit messy, with some smaller, ugly things, to give it a homey feeling.


 What defines a nice mess?

–  When the person and the objects agree. You can recognize the person in the objects, and there are many of those objects. That’s a nice mess. And when there are different heights and sizes and shapes and materials. I am very fond of mixing different materials, but in one color, just different shades.


 And what do you have in the cupboard?

– That’s where I put the ugly mess!

You also have a small Plateau shelf in the kitchen?

– It gives height. The wall is high and narrow, and it feels a lot cozier with the Plateau shelf. It reflects the shape of the table and kind of becomes a small piece of jewelry. Since there’s a table underneath, I don’t want to feel like I’m getting a huge shelf on my head.


How would you describe your interior design style?

– Interior design, to me, is a way to explore my personality. I find it difficult to know who I am as a person. Sometimes it can be easier to start from the outside, with what I like, to touch on my own feelings. For me, interior design is personal development. It’s not superficial; ”oh I need to have this couch”. It’s about recognizing what I feel about a certain corner of my home and understanding what I’m looking for in myself in that corner. To find and place the right material, color, size, and shape, rather than the product itself.

Your best interior design life hack so far?

– To explore every little corner of a space before buying something. To understand your needs and what you feel about a place before choosing a product or object, so that you adapt your purchase to your needs. Start with yourself, rather than in a store. Focus on the feeling you want a certain corner to evoke. If I sit on my couch and look straight ahead: What do I want to see? Do I need a shelf, a TV, an armchair, a painting, a mirror? I usually feel it in my mouth; what color do I want to put in my mouth here? What does it taste like?


And your best styling tip?

– I think it’s fun to let my friends to re-decorate my home. It makes me see it with new eyes. So, when I host dinners, I usually ask my guests to move things around!

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