Sofia Vusir Jansson

Sofia Vusir Jansson

What an incredible workspace. What happens here?

– Thank you! Most things happen in this room, I’d say. It’s usually a jumble of different projects and things since my assignments can vary greatly from each other. But I must say it’s been less scattered in recent years, as most of it has been about paper flowers. New variants of flowers are drawn, prototypes are made, cut, painted, shaped and arrangements and installations are put together. For example, a dandelion ball can be built, hanging from the ceiling. Which then turned out to be almost impossible to get out of the house because it was so big. Or my projects spill out into just about the entire house, and the ground floor becomes like a world of thousands of flowers.

In here, creativity truly flows. What was your thinking behind your interior and the Portal shelf in your creative workspace?

– Creativity isn’t lacking, but my absolute weakest point is organization and structure. Throughout my entire life, I’ve tried to come up with smart ideas for tidiness and order. But nowadays, I can’t even breathe about a new solution because everyone knows it’ll never happen anyway. That was until my Portal shelf came into place! This shelf is the closest I’ve ever come to order. And mind you, this room contains a huge old cabinet and a drafting cabinet in hopes of achieving just that – order. But it wasn’t until the shelf came into place that something really happened. I’m so happy with my shelf; I can’t recall any purchase that has given me the same feeling. I amused myself for days just passing by and thinking – my goodness, it turned out so well!

When do you feel most at home?

– I always feel at home, even though I always long for bigger cities, our home is just as I wish it to be. The only thing I don’t like is being alone. I want people around me, even if they’re doing their own thing. It’s a fairly large house, and I’m used to there always being someone at home, as we have four children, it’s always been like that. I hate it when it’s quiet, and if I could choose, it would always be a full house. I love it when we have big dinners or projects when people come in, it’s like the house needs it.

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en ritning av en off-white hylla i måtten 244x237 cm

Vi hjälper dig planera din Portalhylla

Anpassa Portalhyllan efter ditt hem. Fyll i önskad bredd, höjd och färg i vår Portal-planerare. Vi återkommer med en skiss och pris på din hylla och hjälper gärna till att bolla idéer för just ditt rum.

När du är nöjd får du en färdigpackad varukorg redo att beställas. Tjänsten är helt kostnadsfri såklart!

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