Astrid Wilson

Astrid Wilson

- Where are we and what is happening here?
Right now we are in the studio at Hornstull that I share with three other girls. I mainly work with illustration and print design, but we all work with creativity in some form so it's a lively and sometimes quite messy place - which I love.

- Tell us about your Portal Shelf, how do you use it in your studio?

The shelf is such a nice and central part of the room. I think you can usually tell what kind of project is going on by looking at the shelves.

Right now, I am sewing three large wall hangings, two for a exhibition and one to be used as scenography for a photo shoot, which is precisely why there is a lot of fabric and other things related to sewing that are stored here at the moment.

- Such beautiful prints! Can you tell us something about what projects you have going on?

Thank you! I have recently made a bunch of wallpapers for Borås Tapeter and more wallpapers will come this autumn. I've also recently designed designs for a wine label and a design for children's clothing, so it's a mix of assignments - which makes the work so much fun.

See more about Astrid and her art at @astridwilson

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en ritning av en off-white hylla i måtten 244x237 cm

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