We’ll help you plan your Portal shelf

Start by measuring your wall and think about what you need to store in your shelf. Explore our most popular shelves or our friends’ shelves for inspiration.
  • Portal Planner

    Adapt the Portal shelf to your home. Fill in our Portal planner with desired width, height and color. We’ll get back to you with a sketch and price.

    To Plortal Planner 
  • Showroom

    Open on Tuesdays from 11 AM to 7 PM or by appointment. You can find us in an apartment on the first floor at Brännkyrkagatan 35 in Södermalm, Stockholm. Knock on the window or call us on the doorbell, and we will come and open. Welcome!

    Where to find us 
  • Shelf konsultation

    During the 15 – 30 minutes meeting we go through your preferences for your shelf. When we’re done, you’ll have a sketch, price and a shopping cart with all the parts for your shelf.

    Choose between a digital meeting or in our showroom.

  • Color sample

    Get home samples of our three Portal shelving system colors! Allowing you to test the colors in your own home.

    Additionally, the included Portal meter makes it easy to measure your wall where you plan to have your shelf.

    Order color sample 
  • Sketching template

    To create your own shelf, simply download our PDF sketch template. With it, you can design your shelf according to your preferences. Sketch, plan, and explore different possibilities at your own pace.

    Print template 
  • How Portal works

    Here, we have gathered information on how the Portal shelving system is structured and how you can customize it to suit your home and your needs.

    How Portal works