TÔNN 4-ever

We want our furniture to live 4-ever. So we created TÔNN 4-ever, a facebook group that functions as a place for you to sell, buy and request products from TÔNN furniture. So they can live 4-ever.

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Making use of what we produce and making our products live even longer makes a difference. Portal shelving systems are easy to adapt, build on and divide and create to last for many, many years. Through moving and rearranging. When life simply changes.

Sustainability is something that is with us when we design products, choose materials, choose producers, how we ship and how we pack. Just like brushing your teeth, sustainability is a matter of course. Nothing to brag about.

TÔNN 4-ever

To extend the life cycle of our products, we have created TÔNN 4-ever, a place for you to sell, buy and request products from TÔNN furniture. So they can live 4-ever.

In TÔNN 4-ever, we also sell goods that have minor damage or defects and cannot be sold at full price. We see the opportunity in being able to buy shelf parts in TÔNN 4-ever and complete with parts from our webshop.

We sometimes get questions if we have old Betonggruvan products hidden away in our storage. (We used to be called Betonggruvan) Unfortunately we don’t have it, but in the TÔNN 4-ever group you can search if someone else has your favorite to sell. 

Portal shelving system – a modular product

The Portal shelving system is modular and is made to adapt, build on and divide. As designers, we have a great responsibility to make decisions that simplify recycling when the product reaches the end of its life cycle. The fact that our products are easy to take apart and have few mixed materials are important decisions we have made that help with recycling.

It should be easy to replace parts and repair your Portal shelf. Products that wear out over the years get an update through Care & Repair. Here we sell spare parts and improvement paint at cost price.


We work with materials that are made to last. We have close contact with our suppliers and we have a short value chain where we have control over every step. All our products go directly from production to our warehouse in Nacka, Stockholm. We then send all orders directly to the customer.

We produce most of our shelving system in the Baltics, the pinewood comes from the north of Sweden and minor accessories are manufactured in China.

Shipping & package

Our modular products are shipped in flat packages. Because it’s stupid to ship air. How the product is finally packaged is early included in our design process.

The plastic industry and sustainable packaging materials are something that we, just like everyone else, are facing major challenges with.

We are looking for packaging material to replace that bubble wrap. Right now we are working on a project together with an innovative company to be able to pack our products in residual wool from textile production.

Portal planner for thoughtful purchases

We always offer help with your purchase through the Portal planner where we plan new shelves and re-plan existing shelves. We plan Portal shelves when life changes, such as when moving or refurnishing. Or when you come across new shelf parts from TÔNN 4-ever. We make sure that our products get to live a long life. 

We want our products to last for many years and not seasons, therefore we have no offers or discounts on the Portal shelving system.

How it all started

The Portal shelf system was born in our first store on Sveavägen in Stockholm. TÔNN was then called Betonggruvan and we made the shelf to be able to show the products that we used to sell. The shelf was easy to assemble, change and rebuild. And it did a good job. So good in fact that more and more customers started asking if the shelf was for sale. After some time drawing, designing and developing, Portal finally became a product! Since then, we have added more combinations, heights, colors and accessories. The shelf is now sold and shipped all over the world and thanks to our customers’ feedback and wishes, we continue to develop it together.

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