Studio Marion

Studio Marion

Such a lovely studio space, what’s happening here?

Thank you so much! Well, what isn’t happening here!? This is a sanctuary for my own creativity. I took over the space to try to figure out what I want to do, and I’ve realized that it’s exactly what I’m doing right now. Small projects, pop-ups, events, and workshops. I also host dinners in the studio, which I absolutely love. Since I don’t accommodate more than 12 guests, it becomes small and intimate.

What do you have in your Portal Shelf and what do you like about the shelf?

I’m obsessed with this shelf! Besides being beautiful to look at, I can also fit an incredible amount of things in it. Essentially, the shelf serves as the store section of my studio. I sell things that are unique and delightful, such as olive oil, pasta, books, chocolate, and ceramics.

You’re the queen of pasta. What is the best pasta for the everyday dinner?

BUT THANK YOU, I’m touched! I would say spaghetti. It can withstand being in sauce for a while without getting overcooked, and if you have leftovers, you can transfer it to a baking dish, add béchamel, and gratinate it into something absolutely delightful.

Catch Marion and her work at @studiomariion

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en ritning av en off-white hylla i måtten 244x237 cm

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