En guide till vårt kvarter på Södermalm

A guide to our neighbourhood at Södermalm, Stockholm

Summer's in full bloom here in Stockholm and since Södermalm is showing it's best self this time of year we thought we'd share some of our favorite place around the area. Don't forget to stop by our Showroom at Brännkrykagatan 35, we are open every Tuesday 11.00 - 19.00 and by appointment. Welcome <3

See full list in Google maps here!


Papercut Shop

Krukmakargatan 24

A staff favorite. Papercut offering a diverse selection of books, magazines, and unique gifts. Known for its curated collection, no wonder it’s a favorite spot for literature and design enthusiasts.

Manos Ceramics & Workshop

Renstiernas gata 22

Our dear friends at Manos Workshop. Here you find beautiful handcrafted ceramics made by Nilla and Karin.

Nitty Gitty and Dom Hairdresser

Krukmakargatan 24-26

The stylish fashion store on Krukmakargatan in Stockholm, known for its curated selection of high-quality clothing and accessories. Inside you will find talented DOM hairdresser, if you’re looking for glow up. 

Ivar Los park and Dog park 

Possibly the most scenic park in Stockholm? Bring a delicious lunch from @Abowl, and let the kids play on the playground. Don’t miss the dog park with the best view just down the stairs for your four legged bestie. 


Mariatorget 2

The most charming bookstore in Stockholm, specializing in children's literature and books. Discover beautiful children's books created by local artists here. 


Hökens gata 8

JR–Work–Shop is a creative space, studio and shop, home of the Swedish toy brand Acne JR. Here they arrange workshops for children's creativity. 

Judits Second hand & Herr Judit

Hornsgatan 75, 65

No Södermalm guide is complete without Judits Second hand. Here you find all the pre-loved scandi brands and beyond, ever so well-curated and super professional staff. 

Pen store

Hornsgatan 98

The Pen Store is a specialty shop in Stockholm dedicated to fine writing, drawing and artistic supplies. Known for its wide selection, it's a must for pen enthusiasts and creatives.


Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 31

Prepare the picnic with a stop at Supermercado! The specialty food store focuses on Mediterranean specialties, fresh vegetables of great quality and fresh charcuteries. 

Sthlm Grön Vintage

Swedenborgsgatan 3

Well curated vintage clothing store. Here you find a selection of garments for all styles and vibes.

Abowl and plates 

Blecktornsgränd 8

Our beloved neighbor. Great for both lunch and dinner, and a lovely spot to enjoy a glass of wine on the steps.

Café Klotet 

Urvädersgränd 15A, Katarinahuset

Great food and drink with a view! A quite new bar with an old history. We come here for the savory pastries! Also having events frequently with art and music. 


Hornstulls strand 3

Just walk Hornsgatan towards Hornstull until you reach RiRi. Great atmosphere with charcoaled grilled dishes. Located in lovely independent cinema Bio Rio. Also great to combine with a swim in Tanto. 


Hornsgatan 66

Whenever we want to celebrate something at TÔNN we go to Gazza. Come for the pasta, stay for tiramisu (!). Yes, it’s olive crisp in it and it's delicious. Also very nice wines and vibes. 

Casa Hallmans Matbar

Timmermansgatan 39

A local neighborhood favorite with french-catalan small dishes. Enjoy delicious wines, charcuteries and super friendly staff.


Magnus Ladulåsgatan 4

Get your Napoli pizza fix! Rumor has it that they do the best (Swedish specialty) kebabpizza. And don’t miss the soft serve!

Söders hjärta

Bellmansgatan 22

A beloved classic. Great meatballs and Swedish husmanskost. Or just for a cold one in the bar. Also does music quizzes and DJ-nights. 


Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2

Like a backyard bbq party but with views over Riddarfjärden. Grilled fish, meat and veggies with tasty sides. Golden hour guarantee! 


Brännkyrkagatan 93

This is where you go for fika and kanelbulle. It is worth the line. I don’t think we have to say more!


Björns trädgård, Medborgarplatsen

A great spot for people watching with a coffee or a drink, inspired by @marianne de geer. If the Swedish summer disappoints with its temperatures, Babylon has a lovely heated outside area.

Lasse i parken 

Högalidsgatan 56

Enjoy a coffee, drink or some food in the park! A charming location with a rich history. Family friendly and hosts live music evenings all summer. 


Sankt Paulsgatan 3

Ice cream! Also worth the line! 

The Bishops Arms Bellmansgatan

Bellmansgatan 12

Don’t get fooled by that this is a pub chain, it’s no doubt one of the coziest pubs in Stockholm. Great selection of beer located on the most scenic street.

Crum heaven 

Högbergsgatan 38-40

Beautiful art space and espresso bar all combined. This tiny space hosts work of local artists, coffee and drinks.

Rackabacken terass 

Vickergatan 31

Here we go for a drink after a swim in Årstaviken. Food, drinks and snacks in a sunny spot with all the green surroundings.


Magnus Ladulåsgatan 8D

Wine Bar and furniture studio with a gallery space next door. Great food, fabulous wines, lovely staff. A great hideout if it’s just too sunny. 


Hornsgatan 33

Behind this a little bit of an anonymous space and name hosts a lovely french inspired café. Great for a sophisticated solo lunch with a glass of wine. 

Liebling at the park

Sankt Paulsgatan 26

A small biergarten in the park. German sausages, schnitzel and of course beer. A lovely little stop for your Söder stroll.

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