About the shelf extender

Portal hyllsystem är flexibelt och går att kombinera i oändlighet. Det längsta hyllplanet är 201 cm. I färgen off-white finns även hyllplan i längden 244 cm och 279 cm. Längden på hyllplanet avgör totalbredden på din hylla. Om du vill ha en bredare hylla än 201 cm (244 alt. 279 cm i off-white) förlänger du hyllplanen med en hyllplansförlängare. Då kommer två hyllplan dela på en gavel.

About the shelf extender

Portal shelving system is very flexible and can be combined in many ways. The longest shelf measures 201-244 cm, and its length determines the total width of your shelf. In off-white the longest shelves are 244 and 279 cm. If you need a wider shelf, simply extend it with a shelf extender, allowing two shelves to share a single shelf ladder.

To the shelf extender

There are two scenarios

Our shelves extend from one outer edge to the other. When two shelves share a shelf ladder, you have two options:

Slightly shift the outer shelf ladders, as shown in scenario 1. Allow both shelves to protrude 1 cm on each side, as in scenario 2.

In both cases, the two shelves rest on the shelf extension and are secured from below. Make sure to always center the shelf extender on the shelf ladder.

Scenario 1:

Shelves with parallel widths, for instance, 158 cm + 80 cm shelves.

When your shelves have consistent widths throughout the shelving system, it will increase the total width by 2 cm, by aligning the outer shelf ladders with the shelves. Keep in mind that this change also affects the available space for cabinets and drawers.

Scenario 2:

Shelf with mixed shelves  / different widths on the shelves, for instance, 158 cm + 80 cm shelves.

When using mixed shelves with different widths, it’s important to maintain the 80 cm and 45 cm sections between the shelf ladders. This ensures stability and prevents shorter shelves from not fitting in the shelf sections. Consequently, shelves with the shelf extender will protrude by 1 cm on each side.