About TÔNN

TÔNN furniture designs and manufactures furniture for a changing everyday life. Our design philosophy is based on furniture being adapted to you and your home, not the other way around. That’s why we’ve created the shelf system Portal, which is easy to adapt to your needs, life situation, mood or style. Our job is to make it easy for you to feel comfortable at home. Nothing makes us prouder than being a part of your home and your everyday life.


Visit us

Our showroom is located in an apartment on ground floor at Brännkyrkagatan 35, Södermalm in Stockholm. Swing by to see our products and talk shelves with us. Tap on the window or call us on (+46) 08-39 65 10 and we will come and open.

The nearest subway station/bus stop is Mariatorget.
We’re open Tuesdays 11-19 and by appointment.

TÔNN Furniture is on a mission to make homes live longer. We believe interior design should be versatile and personal. Just like you. That’s why we create high quality furniture that are easy to adjust, rebuild and make into your own, today and for years to come.


It all started back in 2011 when our founder, Josefine Halfwordson started casting concrete tables in a basement in Stockholm. A few tables to friends became many and soon the company Betonggruvan (“concrete mine” in Swedish) was born. 

A lot has happened since. Tables have been replaced by shelves and the name Betonggruvan has become TÔNN furniture. Why TÔNN you might wonder? TÔNN is a made up word that (for us) means a new chapter, an open mindset and of course – room for change.

You can buy our furniture here in our webshop with worldwide delivery

The birth of the shelf


The Portal shelf system was born in our first store on Sveavägen in Stockholm. TÔNN was then called Betonggruvan and we made the shelf to be able to show the products that we used to sell. The shelf was easy to assemble, change and rebuild. And it did a good job. So good in fact that more and more customers started asking if the shelf was for sale. After some time drawing, designing and developing, Portal finally became a product! Since then, we have added more combinations, heights, colors and accessories. The shelf is now sold and shipped all over the world and thanks to our customers’ feedback and wishes, we continue to develop it together.