Portal shelving system

How Portal works

Portal shelving system for every room. With shelf ladders in three heights and shelves available in various materials and lengths, Portal is easy to adapt, re-build and divide.  Explore our most popular combinations or let us help you design your very own Portal shelf.

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How it all started

The Portal shelf system was born in our first store on Sveavägen in Stockholm. TÔNN was then called Betonggruvan and we made the shelf to be able to show the products that we used to sell. The shelf was easy to assemble, change and rebuild. And it did a good job. So good in fact that more and more customers started asking if the shelf was for sale. After some time drawing, designing and developing, Portal finally became a product! Since then, we have added more combinations, heights, colors and accessories. The shelf is now sold and shipped all over the world and thanks to our customers’ feedback and wishes, we continue to develop it together.

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