Assembly guides

Here we have gathered all our assembly and care instructions for our Portal shelving system, as well as our smaller furniture pieces.

How much weight does the shelf hold?

Each 80 cm section holds 50 kg evenly distributed over the shelf. Many of our customers use our shelves for vinyls, one of the heaviest things you can put in a shelf!

What type of screw should I use when mounting my shelving system?

We recommend that you use a non-countersunk screw with the following dimensions:  L=60mm and dk=5mm. You’ll also need anchors suited for the type of wall that you have. If you feel uncertain about what kind of anchors you need, we suggest asking at your local hardware store.

Can you help me assemble my shelf?

At the moment, we can’t offer any assembly assistance. We are working on developing a solution for this, and hope to be able to assist you with assembly in the future.

Shelf extender

Here you can find information about our shelf extender and how it should be mounted in your shelving system.


Your home, your Portal

Adapt the Portal shelf to your home. Fill in desired width, height and color in our Portal planner. We’ll get back to you with a sketch and price.

When you are satisfied, we’ll send you a shopping cart with all parts for your shelf ready to be ordered. The service is free of charge, of course!