How Portal works

Portal is a modular shelving system with shelf ends in three heights and shelves in different materials and lengths. The combination possibilities are endless. The price is based on the amount of parts.

The shelf system is easy to adapt, build on and divide. Explore our Our most popular shelves, Our friends’ shelves or let us help you plan your very own Portal.

  • hyllgavel i färgen kamel 237cm

    Shelf ladders

    Our shelf ladders comes in three different heights, which all can be combined with each other. Place the shelf ladders at a distance of 45 cm or 80 cm and they will fit our shelves and other accessories. The shelf ladders are available in whiteoff-white and camel.

    Shelf ladders 
  • Shelves

    The shelves are available in five different lengths, from 45 cm to 201-244 cm. The length of the shelf determines the width of your shelf. If you want a wider shelf, use our shelf extension. The shelves are available in white, off-white, and camel. All shelves can be combined with each other.

  • Cabinets & drawers

    Cabinets and drawers are a great way to create concealed storage in your shelf. Customize the shelf according to your needs with the help of these accessories. Both the cabinets and chests can be wall-mounted with the corresponding hardware as standalone furniture.

    Cabinets & drawers 
  • bokstöd i grön färg


    Customize the shelf even further with our accessories. The bookends Paus keep the books in place and add a nice touch. The Pile box can be filled with anything you want to hide and organize. You don’t need to decide everything from the beginning. All accessories can be easily moved around.


How it all started

The Portal shelf system was born in our first store on Sveavägen in Stockholm. TÔNN was then called Betonggruvan and we made the shelf to be able to show the products that we used to sell. The shelf was easy to assemble, change and rebuild. And it did a good job. So good in fact that more and more customers started asking if the shelf was for sale. After some time drawing, designing and developing, Portal finally became a product! Since then, we have added more combinations, heights, colors and accessories. The shelf is now sold and shipped all over the world and thanks to our customers’ feedback and wishes, we continue to develop it together.

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