Liten bokhylla

3,275 kr7,765 kr

Liten bokhyllan eller sideboard som passar i hemmets alla rum. Hyllan är 101 cm hög och 35 cm djup. Du väljer bredd och färg.

Komplettera med


  • Bokstöd i 6 färger

    Bokstöd Paus

    295 kr
  • Hurts med lådor off-white

    Lådhurts stor

    3,195 kr
  • Pile Low x 2 – Evelina Kroon

    595 kr

Portal hyllsystem

Ditt hem, din Portalhylla

Anpassa Portalhyllan efter ditt hem. Fyll i önskad bredd, höjd och färg i vår Portal-planerare. Vi återkommer med en skiss och pris på din hylla och hjälper gärna till att bolla idéer för just ditt rum.

När du är nöjd får du en färdigpackad varukorg redo att beställas. Tjänsten är helt kostnadsfri såklart!

Till Portal-planeraren Så funkar Portal

Mest populära hyllor

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    2,780 kr6,570 kr
  • TV hylla


    10,760 kr14,400 kr
  • Bokhylla i off-white


    6,160 kr14,470 kr
  • Varuprov – Hyllgavel


Portal shelf for all your precious things. Happy Friday! 🐈‍⬛🔆🥳

Guess what! I just found out, Berlin is our 3rd biggest city when it comes to followers on Instagram. We’re shipping more and more Portal shelves to homes Germany. It’s feels kind of sureal that the shelf I design for my store back in 2011 now lives in homes all over the world.

So, hi 👋🏻 I’m @josefinehalfwordson started and running this company my own, with a bunch of lovely colleagues. Unfortunaltley my school German is limited to Mein Name ist Josefine. Ich bin 42 Jahre alt. Ich lebe mit meiner Tochter Harriet, 7 Jahre alt 😊

The Portal shelf was born in my first store in Stockholm 2011. TÔNN was then called Betonggruvan (almost not even a Swedish word) and I made the shelf to to show the products that I used to sell. Customers started asking if the shelf was for sale. After some time drawing and developing, Portal finally became a product. Poff 💥

Happy as hell that you are here. And becomes extremely glad when you send us pics of your shelves. Tes, I still have to pinch my arm when I see TÔNN furniture in your homes. We’re developing the Portal shelf with new accessories and features all the time and you are a big part that, with your clever ideas and questions.

Thanks for being here, a part of this TÔNN journey.  I’m curious to hear how you found us?

Kids room for a champion 🌙💫⭐️

Thanks for the picture @henrik_duong

Open 11-19 at Brännkyrkagatan 35 💫

Walk in Portal 🧢💃👔👖👚👡👒🩳👚

Optimize customize modulize your Portal shelf. Try out our new tool. Tap the picture to get there ⭐️

💥⭐️💫 COMING SOON 💥☄️⭐️

Take Portal to the bedroom

Who's hiding in your cabinets?

@oscarzia and his Portal shelf perfectly styled by @idalauga

💅🏻💆🏼‍♀️It should be easy to replace parts, repair and touch up. Treat your shelf to some shelf care. 💄🍋💅🏻

Extra extraordinary kidsroom by interior designer @clindholm_design 📸 @fboukari

We're on our office chairs ready for Portal planning. Open 11-19 at Brännkyrkagatan 35. Knock the window or ring the doorbell.

Tell me a better home for your Chinese waving cat.